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Research Coins: Feature Auction

Triton XV, Lot: 191. Estimate $300.
Sold for $3500. This amount does not include the buyer’s fee.

The early facing heads in this catalogue have been classified according to the well known published work of Lorber, referred to here as Lorber 1992. The writer is aware that the author has since revised the die sequence and that the definitive order is posted on the following site but it has been easier to compare dies to printed photographs than to electronic images on a computer screen. The revision has not only changed the order of some groups but has added new dies in the sequence so that some of the dies listed in this offering as “not in Lorber” will be found in the web version of the catalogue. The writer begs to be excused for not listing these coins in their latest, definitive context but collectors who are seriously interested in the series and not just looking for a “pretty facing head” can do the work themselves (and derive much enjoyment from it, the same way this collector did while trying to complete his own series). Non-Lorber references have been kept to a minimum and the cases where a reverse (or, rarely, an obverse) die was not found in Lorber, are indicated with a short dash. An exhaustive search of reference works and auction catalogues would surely find matches for almost all these dies but this has been left to the scholar who will do the die study.

THESSALY, Larissa. Early to mid 4th century BC. AR Drachm (17mm, 6.17 g, 9h). ΣΙΜΟ above in small letters, head of the nymph Larissa three-quarter facing r., wearing hair band and plain necklace; border of dots / ΛΑΡΙ above, the Ρ retrograde, horse with straight legs grazing r. on ground line. Lorber, Early, 1.1. Near EF, toned, part of the horse’s head off flan but an unusually sharp strike for this type.

Ex Peus 332 (23 October 1991) 122, hammer DM 1300.