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Magnetes. Lot of 3 coins.

Triton XV, Lot: 424. Estimate $100.
Sold for $400. This amount does not include the buyer’s fee.

Lot of 3 coins.

(424.1) THESSALY, Magnetes. 2nd - 1st century BC. Æ Dichalkon (22mm, 5.52 g). Filed down to flat field / ΜΑΓNH above, TΩN below, galley prow r., to l., dolphin downwards, to r., palm branch (barely visible). Originally a piece similar to Rogers 351 or lot 420.3 above. Fair, rough brown surfaces, with some corrosion.

Probably a gaming (?) token made out of a coin or, because the reverse was retained, a token that would allow access to a boat or some nautical activity.

(424.2) THESSALY, Magnetes. 1st century BC. Æ Tetrachalkon (21mm, 9.78 g, 12h). Laureate head of Zeus l. / [ΜΑΓNHTΩN] from l., r. up and circular, the centaur Chiron advancing r., holding branch over his l. shoulder, his r. arm raised; below, owl; countermark eagle with closed wings standing r. in incuse circle. See Rogers 343, fig. 171 for undertype. Fair, countermark is near Fine, brown patina with some pits, mostly on obverse.

(424.3) THESSALY, Magnetes. 30 - 27 BC. Æ Tetrachalkon (21mm, 7.30 g, 1h). Laureate head of Asklepios r. / ΜΑΓ-NH above, TΩN below, Asklepios seated l. on throne, holding long staff in his l. hand; his cane on which a sepent is entwined is held by his r. hand, diagonally; his dog is emerging from under his throne, looking back up towards him; countermark star in incuse circle. Rogers 354, fig. 178 and SNG München 104 (same obv. die as both). Fine, countermark is VF, brown patina with some reddish hues; the obv. flat due to the countermark; a rare and desirable coin.

The series that starts with this coin have been narrowly dated by Professor Furtwängler to BC 30-27. The obverse is Asklepios according to Rogers and Imhoof-Blumer but Zeus according to SNG München. This writer prefers to see Asklepios on the obverse of these coins because of the iconographic diversity of the portraits.