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Methylion. Lot of 3 coins.

Triton XV, Lot: 474. Estimate $150.
Sold for $350. This amount does not include the buyer’s fee.

Lot of 3 coins.

(474.1) THESSALY, Methylion. 4th century BC. Æ Dichalkon (17.5mm, 3.99 g, 3h). Circa 340 BC. Head of nymph r., her hair raised around her head, small Π behind / ΜΕ[ʘY] from bottom l., upwards retrograde and inverted, Nike flying l., holds tainia in raised r. and wreath in lowered l. Rogers 404, fig. 213. Good Fine, dark brown patina; rev. die break on Nike’s head.

The obverse die of this coin seems to be so close to that of Rogers 404 and also to J. Hirsch XXIX (9 November 19010) 347 = J. Hirsch XIII (15 May 1905) 1360 that they must all be from the same die, signed with the small Π behind the neck. Furthermore, it seems that this obverse die and the obverse dies of the Gyrton coins 1048 and 1049 in Nomos 4, were cut from the same artist. Apart from the letter signature being the same, the neat, clear cut aspect of his engraving is common to all three dies. Assuming therefore that the M signature is more or less contemporary with the Π-signed coins we could date all the finely and delicately executed Methylion bronze coin dies to circa 340 BC, the date proposed by F. Burrer for the unique Gyrton hemidrachm in Nomos 4, 1048.

(474.2) THESSALY, Methylion. 4th century BC. Æ Dichalkon (18.5mm, 3.67 g, 11h). Circa 340 BC. Head of Nymph l., wearing drop earring (not evident here) her hair held up by a diadem; M below neckline (not visible here) / ΜΕʘY-ΛIEIΩN in two lines, from top l., downwards, Nike flying r., holding two wreaths, one in her raised l. hand, and another in her lowered r. This obverse - reverse combination unpublished. Good Fine, rough green patina.

(474.3) THESSALY, Methylion. Mid to late 4th century BC. Æ Trichalkon (19mm, 7.09 g, 6h). Young male head r. with short hair; linear circle / ΜΕʘYΛIEΩN from middle l., down circular , horseman, helmeted, with chlamys and spear, on horse prancing r., below, Athena Promachos to r. Rogers 402, fig 212. Good Fine, rough dark green patina.