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Koinon of Thessaly. Divus Augustus. Lot of 2 coins.

Triton XV, Lot: 920. Estimate $150.
Sold for $900. This amount does not include the buyer’s fee.

Lot of 2 coins.

(920.1) THESSALY, Koinon of Thessaly. Divus Augustus. Died AD 14. Æ Tetrassarion (29mm, 18.32 g, 12h). Lykoutos, strategos. Struck under Tiberius. ΣEBAΣTHΩN ΘEΣΣAΛΩN, radiate head to left / ΣTPATHΓOY ΛY-KOYTOY, Apollo Aktios standing left, holding plektron and kithara; [monogram in left field (removed from coin)]. Burrer Em. 1 (of Tiberus), Series 1, 10 corr. (A6/R5; head left, not right); RPC 1430. Fine, green patina, some roughness.

The area of the reverse that typically contains the monogram is marked by a scrape and knock, effectively removing the monogram from the coin. This event occurred in antiquity, and appears to have been done intentionally.

(920.2) THESSALY, Koinon of Thessaly. temp. Tiberius. AD 14-37. Æ Tetrassarion (25mm, 13.71 g, 1h). Lykoutos, strategos. ΣEBAΣTHΩN ΘEΣΣAΛΩN, female figure (Livia?) seated right, holding scepter in right hand, laurel branch in left / [ΣTP]ATHΓOY Λ-YKOYTOY, Demeter standing facing, head left, holding grain ears in right hand, long torch in left; monogram in lower left field. Burrer Em. 1, Series 2, 22.2 (A10/R13 – this coin); RPC 1431. Near VF, green patina.