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Research Coins: Feature Auction

Triton XV, Lot: 1276. Estimate $1500.
Sold for $1900. This amount does not include the buyer’s fee.

SYRIA, Cyrrhestica. Bambyke–Manbog. Abdhadad. Circa 342-331 BC. AR Didrachm (20mm, 8.21 g, 7h). Draped bust of Atargatis left, wearing turreted crown; Aramaic ‘tr‘th (Atarateh) to left, crescent and circle to right / Great King and driver, who holds reins in both hands, in quadriga of mules left; Aramaic ‘bdhdd (Abdhadad) above; countermark on horse: Aramaic alef in incuse square. Mildenberg, Note 17/15 (same obv./rev. die, with countermark); Seyrig, Hieropolis 2a = Babelon Perses 314 (same rev. die, with countermark); Price, More 14–5 (same obv. die); BMC –; SNG Copenhagen –; SNG München –; HGC 9, 1342. Good VF, darkly toned, a few light scratches under tone, test cut. Very rare.