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The A.K. Collection of Greek and Oriental Greek Coinage

Triton XV, Lot: 1335. Estimate $3000.
Sold for $3500. This amount does not include the buyer’s fee.

Collection of Seventy-three (73) Greek Æ. 4th century BC – 1st century AD. Includes various denominations from Bruttium (Lokri Epizephyrii), Sicily (Katane, Menainon, Panormos, Syracuse), Tauric Chersonesos (Pantikapaion), Sarmatia (Olbia), Moesia Inferior (Kallatis, Dionysopolis), Thracian cities (Mesembria), Thracian kings (Seuthes, Skostokos, Lysimachos), Macedonian cities (Aphytis, Philippi, Thessalonika, Tragilos), Macedonian kings (Philip II, Philip V, anonymous), Corinthia (Corinth), Sikyonia (Sikyon), and the Cyclades (Karthaia). Fine-EF. Seventy-three (73) coins in lot. Photos and detailed descriptions available online at

From the A.K. Collection.

The A.K. Collection of Greek coins was assembled over several decades of careful thought and commitment. It consists of 364 silver and bronze pieces from Bruttium to Zeugitana, and is divided among the following five lots. The quality of the coins ranges from Fine to Extremely Fine. This interesting collection, which includes some very rare coins, contains pieces from major European auction houses, such as Ars Classica, Geneva; Frank Sternberg, Zürich; Jacob Hirsch, München; Münchner Münzhandlung Karl Kreß, München, and many others.

A separate fully-illustrated catalog of the complete collection has been compiled, which contains photos and a full description of all of the coins in each lot. This catalog will be available during the Triton lot viewing at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York, but you may also request that a catalog be sent to you. Additionally, this catalog will be available online (see individual lots below for details).