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Triton XV, Lot: 1359. Estimate $10000.
Sold for $6000. This amount does not include the buyer’s fee.

BAKTRIA, Indo-Greek Kingdom. Heliokles II Dikaios. Circa 90-75 BC. AR Tetradrachm (25mm, 9.75 g, 12h). BAΣIΛEΩΣ ΔIKAIOY HΛIOKΛEOYΣ, diademed heroic bust left, seen from behind, wearing crested helmet adorned with bull's horn and ear, aegis on shoulder, brandishing spear with right hand / “Maharajasa dhramikasa Hiliyakresasa” in Kharosthi (sic), Zeus standing slightly left, brandishing thunderbolt in right hand and holding long scepter in left; monogram to inner left. Bopearachchi 5B var. (rev. legend), but cf. Série 2E-F (for Hiliyakresasa; drachm); Bopearachchi & Rahman 469 var. (same); SNG ANS 1150 var. (same); MIG Type 292a var. (same); Triton XIII, 261 var. (same). Near EF, areas of toning, tiny antique bump on jaw. Good quality metal. Apparently unique variety of a very rare type and better than the specimen in Triton XIII.