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Triton XV, Lot: 1397. Estimate $2000.
Sold for $3250. This amount does not include the buyer’s fee.

CARIA, Stratonicaea. Septimius Severus, with Julia Domna. AD 193-211. Æ (35mm, 26.11 g, 12h). Fl. Leontus, son of Alcaeus, magistrate. • AV • KAI ΛOV [CЄΠ] CЄVHPOC IOV • [ΔOMN]A •, confronted busts of Septimius Severus right, laureate, draped, and cuirassed, and Julia Domna left, draped; c/m’s: helmeted head of Athena right within oval incuse and ΘЄOV within rectangular incuse / ЄΠI ΠPO ΛЄONTOC AΛ-KЄOV CTPATONIKЄΩN, Hekate standing facing, head left, sacrificing from patera over altar with right hand and holding torch in left. SNG von Aulock 2671-3 var. (distribution of rev. legend; same obv. die); SNG Copenhagen 505 var. (rev. legend and its distribution; same obv. die); SNG Keckman -; for c/m’s: Howgego 188 and 536. Good VF, tan-brown patina, scratches and adjustment marks.

From Group CEM. Ex Walter Niggeler Collection (Part II, Bank Leu/Münzen und Medaillen, 21 October 1966), lot 622.