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Stunning Rome Solidus

Triton XV, Lot: 1582. Estimate $2000.
Sold for $6000. This amount does not include the buyer’s fee.

Justinian I. 527-565. AV Solidus (21mm, 4.43 g, 6h). Rome mint, 8th officina. Struck 542-546. D N IVSTINI ANVS PP AVC, helmeted and cuirassed facing bust, holding globus cruciger and shield / VICTOR I A AVCCC, Angel standing facing, holding globus cruciger and staff surmounted by staurogram; star to right; H//CONOB. DOC 320e; MIBE 34; SB 291. In NGC encapsulation graded MS; Strike: 5/5, Surface: 5/5, superbly lustrous. Rare.