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925179. Sold For $145

Roman Republican. T. Manlius Imperiosus Torquatus and L. Papirius Cursor. fl. mid-late 4th century BC. Æ Medal (32mm, 11.72 g, 12h). Roman Series: Manlius’s Execution of His Son/The Pardon of Papirius. By J. Dassier. Dually-dated 415 and 430 AUC (338 and 323 BC) [issued mid-18th century]. Scene of Manlius overseeing the execution of his son; in two lines in exergue, MANLIUS FAIT MOURIR/SON FILS · / Scene of Papirius being pardoned by Q. Fabius Maximus Rullianus; in two lines in exergue, PAPIRIUS PARDONNE/A FABIUS ·. Good VF, a few marks.

Jean Dassier’s series of medals illustrating Roman history consisted of 61 pieces, covering important individuals and events throughout Rome’s early history, from the city’s founding by Romulus, the rape of the Sabine women, and the rule of Numa Pompilius, to the fall of the Republic with the murder of Caesar, the second triumvirate, and rise of Augustus.