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CNG 91, Lot: 571. Estimate $1000.
Sold for $3750. This amount does not include the buyer’s fee.

CAPPADOCIA, Caesarea-Eusebia. Nero, with Agrippina Junior. AD 54-68. AR Drachm (17mm, 3.68 g, 12h). Struck AD 54-56. Laureate head of Nero right / Draped bust of Agrippina left, hair in plait; behind double K incuse punch. Sydenham, Caesarea 76 var.; RPC I 3640 var.; Agnes Baldwin, “Un trésor monétaire découvert a Césarée,” Arethuse 17 (October 1917), 10 = Francesco Gnecchi, “Ritrovamenti diversi,” RIN p. 20, 2, pl. I, 3 var.; RPC Supp. I -; RPC Supp. 2 -; RIC I -; Helios 4, lot 268 var.; for c/m: Howgego 850ii. Good VF, toned. Possibly unique with countermark.

From Group CEM.

All references cited above have the double K monogram carved in the dies and struck in relief. The note for Sydenham 76 claims that some coins of this type from the 1906 Caesarea hoard have an incuse monogram applied, but a search through Baldwin’s publication reveals that Sydenham applied the note to the incorrect entry - Baldwin knew of only one example of this type with an unveiled head of Agrippina left (the Gnecchi specimen), which had the monogram in relief and which she presumed to be unique. The monogram presumably stands for Kαισάρεια (τής) Kαππαδοκίας or, more likely, Kοινον Kαππαδοκων. The present coin must have been struck prior to the issue with the monogram in the dies, and the current coin, as well as examples of RPC 3637 with the bust of Agrippina right, were counterstamped to equate them with the later coins.