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Sale: Nomos 7, Lot: 48. Estimate CHF3000. 
Closing Date: Tuesday, 14 May 2013. 
Sold For CHF2500. This amount does not include the buyer’s fee.

KINGS of MACEDON. Philip II. 359-336 BC. Tetradrachm (Silver, 14.25 g 6), Amphipolis, struck c. 315/4-295/4 BC. Laureate head of Zeus to right. Rev. ΦΙΛΙΠΠΟΥ Young jockey, holding palm branch and reins, riding horse to right; below horse, Λ over torch; below horse’s foreleg, kerykeion. Le Rider pl. 48, 2. SNG ANS 809. A very bold and attractive example. Toned. Extremely fine.

From the Mieza collection, acquired privately.

This was one of the latest Philip-type tetradrachms struck at Amphipolis. It is very possible that this issue either influenced the first Celtic imitations of this type that were made in the Balkans, or, possibly, the engraver who made this piece later worked for a Celtic mint.