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949437. Sold For $750

PLANTAGENET. John. 1199-1216. AR Penny (18mm, 1.48 g, 12h). Short Cross type, class Va2. Lundene (London) mint; Fulke, moneyer. Struck 1204-1205. hЄNRICVS • RЄX, crowned facing bust, holding scepter in right hand; ornamental Є, C, and R / FVLKЄ • ON • LVNDЄ, voided short cross; quatrefoils in angles. SCBI 56 (Mass), 1253 (this coin); Allen obv. die 25 (this coin illustrated); North 969; SCBC 1350B. Good VF, toned, slightly double struck. Rare with ornamental lettering.

Ex Jim Sazama Collection; Prof. Jeffrey P. Mass Collection (Part I, Dix, Noonan, Webb, 61, 17 March 2004), lot 262; G. V. Doubleday Collection (Glendining, 8 June 1988), lot 991; L. A. Lawrence Collection (Part IV, Glendining, 28 November 1951), 1012 (part of).