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Sale: CNG 61, Lot: 2176. Estimate $7500. 
Closing Date: Wednesday, 25 September 2002. 
Sold For $8250. This amount does not include the buyer’s fee.

THEODOSIUS III. 715-717. AV Solidus (4.18 gm). Rome mint. dNThEO-DOSISAVG, crowned facing bust, wearing loros, holding globus cruciger and akakia / VICTORI-AVG A, cross potent on steps; in right field L and star; in exergue, CONOB. MIB III 8 (these dies); DOC II 11; SB 1498 (these dies). Extremely rare. EF. ($7500)

Ex Hunt Collection (Sotheby’s New York), December 1990, lot 560.

Little is known about the reign of Theodosius III, other than that he was a tax-gatherer from Atramyttion who reluctantly accepted the purple from the troops in Opsikion revolting against Anastasius II. He obviously had little appetite for government or time for Italian affairs and took the traditional way out by abdicating in 717 to become a monk. He has been identified with the bishop “Theodosius of Ephesus, son of Apsimar” who was spiritual adviser to Leo III in the 720’s and presided over Constantine V’s Iconoclastic Council in 754, which was responsible for so much of Rome’s alienation from Constantinople.