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977138. Sold For $750

Alexius I Comnenus. 1081-1118. AV Hyperpyron Nomisma (28mm, 4.36 g, 6h). Constantinople mint. Struck 1092/3-1118. + KЄ RO HӨЄI, Christ Pantokrator enthroned facing; barred IC XC across upper field / Alexius standing facing, wearing crown, divitision, and chlamys, and holding labarum in right hand and globus cruciger in left; to upper right, crowning manus Dei emerging from Heaven; A/ΛЄ/SI/ω/ΔЄC/ΠO/T to left, T/ω/K/O/(MNH)/N/ω to right. DOC 20; SB 1912. Near EF, faint scratches on reverse.