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Füeg, Franz. Corpus of the Nomismata from Basil II to Eudocia 976-1067. Corpus from Anastasius II to John 713-976 with Addenda; Structure of the Issues 976-1067; The concave/convex Histamena;. Contribution to the Iconographic and Monetary History. Lancaster, PA, and London, 2014. Hardbound with dust jacket. CD-ROM containing 7,694 nomismata included. Edited by Italo Vecchi. 161 pp., illustrated with over 215 coins and other items of numismatic interest on 52 plates. (BY124).

The sequel to Corpus of the Nomismata from Anastasius II to John I in Constantinople 713-976, this volume continues the catalog of almost all the gold nomismata struck at Constantinople from 976-1067. Accessing museum collections and publications, as well as previously unpublished specimens from private collections and auction catalogs, this volume provides a detailed overview of the output of the Byzantine imperial mint during a period of substantial changes in that empire’s coinage, when the gold content of the histamena and the lighter tetartera was decreasing continuously. The author has exhaustively researched this subject and built upon the existing wealth of material, creating a die corpus for each emperor and empress during this period.

The first part offers a detailed introductory commentary by way of an historical overview of the period and an in-depth synthesis on the issues of each emperor and empress covered, including a detailed revision of the arrangement of series, chronology and iconographic types.

The second part contains the catalog of the nomismata coinage minted at Constantinople between 976 and 1067, as well as three miliaresion series from the mid-11th century, five issues of other nominal values from the 11th to 13th centuries. The coins of each emperor are arranged in chronological series of issue and divided within each series of issue according to die variety. The catalog also contains a section covering imitations and forgeries, as well as an addenda to Füeg's prior volume. A detailed discursus presents the complex iconography not only on the coins, but also on the dated imperial seals and bullae; a discussion of the concave/convex histamena is also included.

An accompanying CD-ROM will illustrate each of the 7,694 nomismata listed in the Corpus. A detailed bibliography of the most current scholarship on the field is also provided.

Together with Füeg's prior corpus on the nomismata from 713 to 976, this second volume will be the standard reference for Byzantine gold of this period, and will prove beneficial not only to numismatists and collectors, but those interested in the history of this fascinating period. An essential reference for historians, for the specialized collector, as well as for dealers, and institutions.

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