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Sale: Nomos 10, Lot: 133. Estimate CHF35000. 
Closing Date: Sunday, 17 May 2015. 
Sold For CHF70000. This amount does not include the buyer’s fee.

Constans, 337-350. Multiple of 1 1/2 Solidi (Gold, 25mm, 6.73 g 6), struck as a donative on his coming to the throne at the death of his father, Aquileia, 337. FL IVL CONSTANS P F AVG Draped and cuirassed bust of Constans to right, wearing laurel and rosette diadem. Rev. VIRTVS CONSTANTIS AVG / *SMAQ Constans, in military dress, standing left, holding labarum inscribed with monogram in his right hand and reversed spear in his left; to right, at his feet, bound captive to right. Bastien Donativa 82a and note 3. Cohen 188. Gnechhi I pl. 13, 11. Mazzini 188 = ESR Collection 427. Paolucci/Zub p. 113, 365. RIC VIII, p. 315, 3. A. Zeno Collection 2282. Of the greatest rarity, with less than half a dozen known examples. Good extremely fine.

From a Swiss collection.