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Research Coins: Electronic Auction

352, Lot: 684. Estimate $300.
Sold for $220. This amount does not include the buyer’s fee.

Lot of nine (9) uniface electrotypes copying various issues. After the following BM originals: SKYTHIA, Geto-Dacians. Koson. AV Stater. Roman consul accompanied by two lictors; monogram to left. BMC Thrace p. 208, 1 // KINGS of MACEDON, Alexander I. AR Oktadrachm. Horseman, wearing petasos and chlamys and holding two spears, leading horse right. BMC 1 // KINGS of EPEIROS, Pyrrhos. AV Stater. Head of Artemis right, with quiver behind neck; upright thunderbolt to left. BMC 4 // ELIS, Olympia. Eagle flying right, grasping serpent in beak and talons; countermark of male head right on tail. BMC 3 // CRETE, Knossos. Minotaur in kneeling-running stance to right. BMC 1 // TROAS, Tenedos. AR Tetradrachm. Janiform male and female head, the male laureate, the female diademed. BMC 12 // ISLANDS off CARIA, Kos. AR 3 Sigloi. Nude athlete (diskobolos) perparing to hurl diskos; tripod to left. BMC 7 // PHOENICIA, Tyre. Uncertain king. AR Shekel. Owl standing right, head facing; crook and flail in background. BMC 29 // ROMAN IMPERIAL. Augustus. AV Aureus. Bare head right. BMCRE 459 = BMCRR 173 (Apollo Citharoedus type). As made. LOT SOLD AS IS, NO RETURNS. Nine (9) coins in lot.

Such uniface specimens were created by Robert Ready and sons to mount in educational displays that were produced for and inexpensively sold to British schools in the pre-war era.