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The Adams Collection Hardbound Edition
Limited to 100 Copies
Customers in North America


Classical Numismatic Group Inc., The Adams Collection – Complete Limited Hardbound Edition. Over 3000 individual lots total. Includes Introduction, Index, and Prices Realized. Limited to 100 Copies. (X264)

The hardbound edition featuring the over 3,000 coins that will have been presented in the sales of the Dr. Lawrence A. Adams Collection is now available. This hardbound collector's edition includes CNG 100 and Triton XIX (the Adams catalogs, Part I & 3 only). In addition, limited printed editions of Electronic Auctions 361 and 366 (Adams coins only–Parts 2 & 4) are bound in as well. An introduction, index of the coins, and complete prices realized is included. Only 100 copies of this volume have been produced. This will become a collector's item.

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