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Struck from Erased Dies

430643. Sold For $1500

NORMAN, Civil War. Local/Irregular issues. Circa 1138-1153. AR Penny (19.5mm, 0.81 g, 10h). Irregular issues, Erased dies Watford type variety. Northwic (Norwich) mint?; Iohan?, moneyer. [Crowned bust right, holding] lis-tipped scepter; die extensively erased / + IVИ[...], cross moline; die extensively erased. Cf. Mack 137-71 (for dies erased by cross); cf.SCBI 48 (Northern), 1250 (for Norwich issue of Iohan); cf. North 924; SCBC 1286A. EF. A most unusual coin.

Ex Beauvais Hoard (Glendining’s, 4 November 1987), lot 155.