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Bicentennial of the Protestant Reformation

CNG 103, Lot: 1133. Estimate $500.
Sold for $4000. This amount does not include the buyer’s fee.

GERMANY, Regensburg (Freie und Reichsstädte). AR Medal (44mm, 29.40 g, 12h). Bicentennial of the Protestant Reformation. By ‘N. N.’ of Rome. Dated 1717 (in nine chronograms). FRVSTRA QVOS OFFENDIT SCELESTVS IMPLORA (In vain does the wicked man implore those whom he has injured), book inscribed BIB/LIA on altar set atop mountain; kneeling to either side, Crusader, holding patriarchal cross with shield on back and Papal tiara at feet and saying “PICCAVI ADIVVA ME (Help me, I have sinned),” and Priest standing right, holding communion cup and banner on patriarchal cross; below, Jew riding right on donkey, a Turk riding right on a camel, and a Jesuit riding left on a fox, saying between them “IVLAT ILLE – MAGNA DISPARITAS – IVBILAT ISTE (One cries out, the other rejoices, great disparity)”; in background, city views; in exergue, PIERRE CABANIS PRETRE SECVLIER INV · N · N · FEC · ROMÆ / VNDIQVE/ PROCELLA PREMITVR ·/ IN GALLIA RIDETVR/ IMPIA CONSTITVTIO ·/ HISPANIA NIHILI ·/ DVCIT FVLMINA ·/ SICILIAE LVSIT INDIGNA/ PRORSVS MONITA ·/ CAESAR PROVOCATVS/ DIRA MINATVR ·/ ET LVTHERANORVM/ DOCT · IVBILAT · (On all sides the storm gathers/ In France a wicked assembly laughs./ Spain thinks the lightning is nothing./ Sicily plays unworthily with these monitions./ The emperor being provoked threatens terrible things,/ and the teacher of the Lutherans rejoices). Cf. Peus 415, lot 448 (for example in bronze); J. Hilton, Chronograms, 5000 and more in number (London, 1882), pp. 223-4. EF, toned. Very rare.

Pierre Cabanis, here billed as a “secular priest,” published Le miroir, que ne flate point, d’un prince accompli et d’un ministre fidele in Regensberg in 1716.