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Establishing a New Date for the End of the Reign of Tiraios I

Triton XX, Lot: 428. Estimate $1000.
Sold for $2750. This amount does not include the buyer’s fee.

KINGS of CHARACENE. Tiraios I. 95/94-88/7 BC. AR Tetradrachm (30mm, 14.53 g, 12h). Dated 225 SE (88/7 BC). Diademed head right within bead-and-reel border / BAΣIΛEΩΣ/TIPAIOY to right, EYEPΓETOY to left, Tyche, wearing mural crown, seated left, holding in outstretched right hand Nike, standing right and holding wreath, and cradling cornucopia in left arm; EKΣ (date) in exergue. Cf. Le Rider, Monnaies 13 = E. Babelon, “Sur la numismatique et la chronologie des dynastes de la Characène,” JIAN 1 (1898) pp. 385-6 and pl . 18, 4 = De Morgan 3 and pl. XL, 4; BMC, p. cxcvii and pl. LIV, 3 (BN specimen, dated 223 SE); Alram 498 (date unrecorded). VF, find patina, rough surfaces. Overstruck on a tetradrachm on Seleukos VI. An important coin for dating the end of the reign of Tiraios I.