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On of Three Known Telephos Tetradrachms

Triton XX, Lot: 432. Estimate $10000.
Sold for $6500. This amount does not include the buyer’s fee.

BAKTRIA, Indo-Greek Kingdom. Telephos. Circa 80-70 BC. AR Tetradrachm (27mm, 9.02 g, 12h). BAΣIΛEΩΣ EYEPΓETOΥ THΛEΦOY, male anguipede (creature with human body and serpent limbs) standing facing, holding in each raised hand a flower (lotus ?) with trailing root / Maharajasa kalanakramasa Teliphasa in Kharosthi, Helios standing slightly left, head slightly right, holding scepter in right hand, and Selene standing right, head slightly left, wearing crescent; monogram to right. Cf. Bopearachchi 3A (Æ; for monogram); Bopearachchi & Rahman –; SNG ANS –; MIG –: HGC 12, 408 corr. (coin cross-referenced to Triton XII, lot 414 – this coin illustrated); Triton XVI, lot 650 var. (monogram to left); CNG 91, lot 439 (same dies). VF. Extremely rare, one of three tetradrachms known for this ruler.

Ex Triton XII (6 January 2009), lot 413.