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Triton XX, Lot: Estimate $0.


This list contains all errata & addenda for Triton XX. All changes will be made to the respective lot descriptions on our website, Additions to this list will be made as required – please periodically check our website for further changes.

Lot 1: From the Kallman Collection.
Lot 38: Tiny striking flaw, not graffito on reverse.
Lot 72: Withdrawn.
Lot 93: Mus(as)–, magistrate. Magistrate of CNG 94 coin is Eustratos.
Lot 97: Not ex Triton II sale and Orme Lewis Collection.
Lot 98: Perinthos mint. Struck circa 283/2 BC.
Lot 103: Ex Giessener Münzhandlung 69 (18 November 1994), lot 149.
Lot 279: Coin is ex Roma XI, lot 323. Still one of two known, with Triton XIX, lot 229 being the other example.
Lot 333: Withdrawn for review.
Lot 334: Withdrawn for review.
Lot 335: Withdrawn for review.
Lot 439: One of three known.
Lot 444: Edge split and short hairline flan crack.
Lot 450: A couple hairline flan cracks.
Lot 451: Minor smoothing in fields, light graffito in field on reverse.
Lot 453: Some smoothing and cleaning marks.
Lot 455: Weight is 60.65 grams.
Lot 460: Light mark on obverse, die rust on reverse.
Lot 589: Withdrawn.
Lot 613: Coins D41 and D47 are from the Rome mint.
Lot 846: Graffito in field on reverse.
Lot 975: Edge clipped.
Lot 976: EF, small edge clip.
Lot 999: Light clipping.
Lot 1010: Edge slightly clipped.
Lot 1036: Small edge clip.
Lot 1048: Tiny file marks on edge.
Lot 1058: EF, attempted piercing.
Lot 1099: Name is Hermenegild.
Lot 1140: Dated AH 102 (AD 721/2).
Lot 1148: La Rioja mint, not Potosí. References correct.
Lot 1236: Coin is a 3 Guldiner by weight. Davenport 8255. See note.
Lot 1240: Withdrawn.
Lot 1272: Light scratch on reverse.
Lot 1367: Withdrawn, will be reoffered in CNG 105 with corrected cataloging.
Lot 1387: Marks from prior mounting, minor marks in fields.
Lot 1455: Withdrawn.
Lot 1499: Phase IIb, circa 866-868/70. MacKay V4.– (unlisted moneyer). The only known example of this moneyer for MacKay V4. Not ex Stack collection.
Lot 1536: Moneyer is Froteger.
Lot 1540: Edge chip not visible in catalog photo, please refer to online photo.
Lot 1580: This reverse illustrated by Cooper. Extensive pedigree added; see online for description.
Lot 1604: Dated 1847.
Lot 1627: Lot includes old Seaby ticket dated 1969 in the hand J. Cheek.
Lot 1628: Ex J. Henri Ripstra Collection (William O. Coats Auction, 14 February 1975), lot 1295.
Lot 1631: Estimate reduced. Medal issued to one of two William Robins present at the battle. See additional information in note.
Lot 1632: From the J. Eric Engstrom Collection.
Lot 1680: Lot contains a few Æ.

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Triton XX, Lot:
Closing Date And Time: Jan 09, 2017 at 5:00:00 p.m. ET.
Current Date And Time: Oct 23, 2017 at 2:54:44 p.m. ET.
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