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446613. Sold For $2950

KINGS of MACEDON. Antigonos II Gonatas. 277/6-239 BC. AR Tetradrachm (30.5mm, 17.11 g, 11h). Amphipolis mint. Struck circa 274/1-260/55 BC. Horned head of Pan left, lagobolon behind, in the center of a Macedonian shield / Athena Alkidemos, seen from behind, advancing left, shield decorated with aegis on left arm, preparing to cast thunderbolt held aloft in right hand; crested Macedonian helmet to inner left, ˚t to inner right. Panagopoulou Period IV, Group 4, – (O12/R17 [unlisted die combination]); Touratsoglou 41–2; SNG Berry 357; SNG Saroglos 926–7. Choice EF. Well centered and struck.