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440219. Sold For $595

ITALY, Bergamo (comune). 1236-early 14th century. AR Grosso da 6 denarii (14mm, 1.26 g, 4h). In the name of Holy Roman Emperor Federico II, 1236-1250. Ʊ⍵ʁʽ˶ ŖʽeዝeʽƱ/ý⎍˟, laureate and draped bust right / Domed building with two towers above crenellated archway; annulet to upper right; ʁŻ¨ to left, ⍵⎍⍵ to right. CN IV 124; MIR 17; Biaggi 352. VF, toned.

Ex Dix, Noonan, & Webb 88 (29 September 2010), lot 1339.