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447038. Sold For $1050

ANGLO-SAXON, Anglo-Viking (Danish Northumbria). Cnut. Circa 900-905. AR Penny (20mm, 1.39 g, 5h). Class IIe/Cunnetti type. Eoferwic (York) mint. Inverted patriarchal cross, with four pellets around lower crossbar; ù H ዮ ˸ at end of limbs, ʽ ĩ X Ḷ in quarters / ส æѝn Ḷ nğ΍ Ḷ ΍Ʃ Ḷ, short cross pattée; pellet in first and fourth quarters. SCBI 29 (Merseyside), 268; BMC 928; North 501; SCBC 993. Choice EF, deep golden tone. Lovely surfaces.