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447002. Sold For $795

TUDOR. temp. Elizabeth I. 1558-1603. AR Jeton (30mm, 6.06 g, 12h). On the Battle of Turnhout, 24 January 1597. Dordrecht mint. Dated 1597. VICTORIA • TVRNOTANA • 24 • IANVARII • 1597 •, scene of the Battle of Turnhout; Anglo-Dutch soldiers and cavalry pursuing retreating Spanish forces; town of Turnhout in background / A • DOMINO • FACTVM • EST • ISTVD • (By the Lord was that done), coats-of arms of France, England, and the Dutch Republic joined by ribbon tied at top into bow. MI 165/151; Eimer –; Van Loon I, p. 479; Dugniolle 3412. Good VF, toned. Rare in silver.