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442153. Sold For $9750

KINGS of MACEDON. Philip II. 359-336 BC. AR Tetradrachm (24.5mm, 14.48 g, 1h). Pella mint. Struck circa 342/1-337/6 BC. Head of Zeus right, wearing laurel wreath / ΦIΛIΠ-ΠOY, nude youth, holding palm frond in right hand, rein in left, on horseback right; thunderbolt below, N in exergue. Le Rider 239 (D133/R193); SNG ANS 384–95; SNG Alpha Bank 272; SNG Fitzwilliam 2047; SNG Saroglos 49–50; Boston MFA 649 (same obv. die); Gulbenkian 816. EF, attractive light cabinet tone, faint mark on cheek, minor die shift on reverse. Beautifully centered and struck on a broad flan. Obverse die is fine work by a master celator.