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Le Rider Plate Coin – Ex Niggeler Collection

464109. Sold For $5950

KINGS of MACEDON. Kassander. As regent, 317-305 BC. AV Stater (18mm, 8.58 g, 11h). In the name and types of Philip II. Pella mint. Struck circa 317/6-315/4 BC. Laureate head of Apollo right / charioteer driving biga right; below horses, thunderbolt above Σ; ΦIΛIΠΠOY in exergue. Le Rider 555a (D233/R401 – this coin); SNG Alpha Bank –; SNG ANS 185 (same dies); SNG Saroglos –. Near EF, small scratch in field on reverse.

Ex Classical Numismatic Group 88 (14 September 2011), lot 174; LHS 103 (5 May 2009), lot 71; Leu 13 (29 April 1975), lot 114; Walter Niggeler Collection (Part 1, Leu & Münzen und Medaillen AG, 3 December 1965), lot 228.