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Fine Style Antonine Portrait

Triton XXI, Lot: 109. Estimate $1000.
Sold for $850. This amount does not include the buyer’s fee.

EGYPT, Alexandria. Antoninus Pius. AD 138-161. BI Tetradrachm (23mm, 13.45 g, 12h). Dated RY 2 (AD 138/139). AVT K T AIΛ A∆P ANTωNINOC Є VC CЄB, bareheaded bust right, slight drapery / Dikaiosyne standing facing, head left, holding scales with her right hand and a cornucopia with her left; L B (date) across field. Köln 1287 var. (obv. legend); Dattari (Savio) 8127 (this coin); K&G 35.10 var. (same); Emmett 1375.2; Staffieri, Alexandria In Nummis 102 (this coin). EF, toned. Fine style portrait.

From the Giovanni Maria Staffieri Collection, purchased from Athos Moretti, Bellinzona, May 1987. Ex Athos Moretti Collection (Bellinzona); Giuseppe Nascia Collection (Milan); Giovanni Dattari Collection, no. 8127.