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Triton XXI, Lot: 584. Estimate $750.
Sold for $1100. This amount does not include the buyer’s fee.

INDIA, Kushan Empire. Vasudeva I. Circa AD 190-230. AV Dinar (22mm, 8.05 g, 12h). Main mint in Baktria (Balkh?). Middle phase. ÞαO(retrograde h)[α(retrograde h)O]Þα[O BAζOΔhO KOÞα(retrograde h)O, Vasudeva, nimbate, standing facing, head left, sacrificing over altar and holding trident; flame at shoulder; filleted trident to left; Kushan α to left of Vasudeva’s trident, śri in Brahmi to right / Ithyphallic Siva standing facing, holding a garland or diadem and trident; behind, the bull Nandi standing left; tamgha to upper left . MK 533/1 (O5/R30A); ANS Kushan –; Donum Burns 615-616. EF, struck with slightly worn dies, traces of underlying luster.

Ex Classical Numismatic Group 97 (17 September 2014), lot 457.