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Licinius Marches Against Maximinus

Triton XXI, Lot: 849. Estimate $50000.
Sold for $80000. This amount does not include the buyer’s fee.

Licinius I. AD 308-324. AV Aureus (20mm, 5.78 g, 12h). Siscia mint. Struck AD 312-313. IMP LICINI VS P F AVG, laureate head right / SECVR I TAS AVGG, Licinius, laureate and draped, standing in quadriga right, holding palm frond; SIS. RIC VI 218A = Calicó 5131 (same dies as illustration); Alföldi 444; Depeyrot 13/6; Biaggi –. Superb EF, lustrous. Extremely rare, none on CoinArchives.

This rare issue was probably produced for Licinius as he passed eastward through Siscia on his way to confront Maximinus early in AD 313. Licinius and Constantine had met in Milan to cement their alliance (and issue the Edict of Milan, which established religious tolerance in the Empire), when Maximinus invaded Thrace. Licinius hastily departed Milan, passing through Siscia on his way to defeat Maximinus near Adrianople.