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Triton XXI, Lot: 853. Estimate $3000.
Sold for $4000. This amount does not include the buyer’s fee.

Martinian. Usurper, AD 324. Æ Follis (21mm, 3.03 g, 12h). Cyzicus mint, 2nd officina. IM C S MAR MARTINIANVS P F AVS, radiate, draped, and cuirassed bust right / IOVI CONS ERVATORI, Jupiter standing left, holding Victory on globe in right hand and scepter in left; to left, eagle standing left, head right with wreath in beak; to right, bound captive seated right; X/IIΓ/SMKB. RIC VII 16 (unlisted officina). Good VF, slightly rough brown patina. Well centered and sharply struck. Very rare.

During his war with Constantine, Licinius appointed his magister officiorum, Martinian, as his co-emperor. The new Augustus was then deployed to Lampsacus to oppose Constantine's army as it crossed the Hellespont. After his defeat, Martinian was imprisoned in Cappadocia, where he was later executed on Constantine's orders. During his brief reign, Martinian struck coinage at two mints, Nicomedia and Cyzicus. The great majority of his known coins are from Nicomedia, and there are only three Martinian folles from Cyzicus in CoinArchives.