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Choice Sovereign of Henry VIII

Triton XXI, Lot: 1422. Estimate $40000.
Sold for $70000. This amount does not include the buyer’s fee.

TUDOR. Henry VIII. 1509-1547. AV Sovereign (27mm, 11h). Second coinage. Tower mint; im: lis (over sunburst)/arrow. Struck 1538-1541. x (lis) hЄnRICVS : DЄI : GRΛCIA : RЄX · ΛnGLIЄ : ЄT : FRΛnC’ · DnS’ : hIB’ (single and double saltire stops), Henry enthroned facing, holding scepter in left hand, globus cruciger in right; portcullis below; all within ornate border / (arrow) : IhЄSVS : ΛVTЄM : TRΛnSIЄnS : PЄR : MЄDIVM : ILLORVM : IBΛT · (single and double saltire stops), royal shield within Tudor rose. Whitton 5, dies O1d/R8; Schneider 573 (same dies); North 1782; SCBC 2267. In NGC encapsulation, graded XF 40 (erroneously attributed to Henry VII, SCBC 2176). A well struck example. Rare, especially in such high grade.

From the Jonathan P. Rosen Collection.