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412, Lot: 335. Estimate $3000.

SASANIAN KINGS. Šābuhr (Shahpur) I. AD 240-272. AV Dinar (22mm, 7.20 g, 3h). Mint I (“Ctesiphon”). Phase 2, circa AD 260-272. mzdysn bgy šhpwhry MRK’n MRK’ ’yr’n MNW ctry MN yzd’n in Pahlavi, bust right, wearing diadem and mural crown with korymbos / nwr’zy in Pahlavi to right, šhpwhry in Pahlavi to left, fire altar; flanked by two attendants wearing mural crowns; fravahr to left of flames. SNS type IIc/1b, style P, group b; Göbl type I/1; Saeedi AV5; Sunrise 739 var. (no pellets on rev.); CNG 97, lot 461 (same dies). EF, riverine patina, signs of water erosion, a couple of edge bruises and edge scrapes.

Ex Classical Numismatic Group 97 (17 September 2014), lot 461 (hammered $11,000).

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412, Lot: 335.
Closing Date And Time: Jan 17, 2018 at 11:51:40 a.m. ET.
Current Date And Time: Jan 19, 2018 at 2:16:40 p.m. ET.
Currently: $3500. High Bidder qajar. Bidders (5).