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“Histoire de la République Romaine”
By Dassier & Sons

CNG 109, Lot: 850. Estimate $2000.
Sold for $1200. This amount does not include the buyer’s fee.

SWITZERLAND. Set of forty-nine (49) Æ Medals. “Histoire de la République Romaine” Series. By Jean Dassier & sons, 1740-1750. Minimal duplication. Includes: The Horatii & the Curiatii / The Fall of Alba // Brutus / The Judgement of Brutus // Meeting of the Senate and the Roman People / Creation of the Tribunes // Coriolanus / Entreaty of Veturia and Volumnia before Coriolanus (2) // The Fabians / Recall of Cincinnatus // The Twelve Tablets of the Law / The Death of Verginia // Cato the Censor / Creation of the Censors // Donation of the Roman Women / The Treasury Assumes the Debts of Individuals // The Execution of Manlius’ Son / Papirius Pardons Fabius // Decius Mus and the Priest / Decius Mus the Younger // Creation of the Principal Roads / Creation of Milestones // Pyrrhus / Pyrrhus’ War Against Rome // Pyrrhus Observes a Roman Encampment / Cineas in the Roman Senate // Fabricius and Pyrrhus / Pyrrhus Receives Word from Fabricius of the Plot Against Him // Duilllius’ Victory at Myle / Rostral Column of Duillius // Alliance Between Rome and Hieron / Arrival of Grain from Syracuse at Ostia // Regulus / Regulus Before the Senate (2) // Fall of Saguntum / Roman Deputies Before the Senate of Carthage // Hannibal’s Victories at Trebia, Lake Trasimene, and Cannae / Hannibal in Capua // The Battle of Cannae / Varro Receives Thanks from the Senate // Fabius Comes to the Aid of Minucius / Claudius Nero Departs for Metaurus // Hannibal Before the Gates of Rome / The Roman Army Departs for Spain // Marcellus / Marcellus Pardons the Syracusans (2) // Victory of Scipio over Hannibal at Zama / Rome Makes Peace with Carthage // Flaminius / Flaminius Proclaims Liberty to the Cities of Greece // Conquest of Asia Minor / Popilius and Antiochus IV // Scipio Defends his Honor Before the Roman People / Scipio’s Retirement // The Sons of L. Aemilius Paullus in Athens / Triumph of Aemilius Paullus // Scipio Aemilianus and Laelius / The Third Punic War // The Supression of the Revolt of the Gracchi / The Punishment of Jugurtha // Marius / The Defeat of the Cimbri // Sulla / Abdication of Sulla // Cicero / Cicero’s Speech Against Cataline // The First Triumvirate / Allegory of the Conquest of Gaul // Suicide of Mithirdates / Death of Crassus’ Son Publius at the Hands of the Parthians // The Exile of Cicero / The Recall of Cicero // Caesar Crosses the Rubicon / The Flight of the Senate // Brutus / The Death of Caesar (2) // The Second Triumvirate / Partition of the Empire // Antony and Cleopatra / The Battle of Actium // Augustus / The Reign of Augustus // Marcus Agrippa / Maecanas // Virgil / Horace // Ovid and Terence / Catullus, Tibullus, and Propertius. Average EF. 44 of the original 60 types present.

From the Gasvoda Collection.

The Dassier family’s didactic “Histoire de la République Romaine” series is comprised of 60 medal types, struck in both silver and bronze, whose subjects are the principal figures and historical events of the Roman Republic. Although our historical sources for the dating of the series are not entirely in agreement, it appears to have been begun in 1740 and, after some delays, completed about 1750. The series was heavily promoted for the time, with the Dassiers publishing an explanatory booklet, Explication des médailles gravées par Jean Dassier & fils, représentant une suite de sujets tirés de l’histoire romaine, as well as translations in Italian, German, and English. The cost of subscription for a set in bronze was 45 livres, while a silver set cost 120 livres.

From the consignor: I had three sets of this important and interesting series – two complete, and this set of remaining duplicates. Although not rare, this set is harder to complete than one might think.