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496983. Sold For $2750

BRUTTIUM, Kroton. Circa 300-250 BC. AR Oktobol or Half Nomos(?) (15mm, 3.12 g, 4h). Head of male (Herakles or river-god?) right, wearing tainia / Owl standing left, head facing, on grain ear left; KPO downwards to right. Attianese 151 (same rev. die as illustration); HN Italy 2195; SNG ANS 421; Jameson 436. Near EF, toned, minor die wear on obverse. Well centered. Rare.

Ex Gasvoda Collection; Nomos FPL (January 2015), no. 8; Nomos 6 (8 May 2012), lot 9; Lanz 20 (13 April 1981), lot 41.

The head on the obverse is curious; could it be that of a young Herakles or of a river god (though one who seems to lack the usual horn)? However, his athletic physique might indicate that he represents the famous Olympic wrestling victor, Milo of Kroton, one of the city’s most renowned citizens.