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498863. Sold For $325

LANCASTER. Henry VI. First reign, 1422-1461. AR Groat (27mm, 3.75 g, 10h). Rosette-mascle/Pinecone-mascle mule. Calais mint; im: cross patonce (IIIa)/plain cross (V).. Struck 1431. + hЄnRIC’· DI’· GRΛ’· REX ◊ ΛnGL’· 7 · FRΛnC (rosette stops), crowned facing bust / + POSVI (pinecone) DЄVm : Λ DIVTOR Є : mЄVm/ VIL ◊ LA CΛLI SIЄ (pinecone) (double saltire stops), long cross pattée, with trefoil in each quarter. Whitton, Heavy 26g; cf. North 1446/1461; cf. SCBC 1859/1875. Near EF.