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496986. Sold For $1100

STUART. Anne, with Prince George. 1702-1714. AR Medal (42mm, 36.70 g, 12h). Prince George, Lord High Admiral. By J. Croker. Struck 1702. ANNA · D : G : MAG : BR : FRA : ET : HIB · REGINA ·, diademed and draped bust of Anne left, wearing earring and necklace / GEO : DAN : PR : M : ADM : ET DVX · SVP : ANGLIÆ ·, draped and armored bust of George left. MI 233/14; Eimer 392. EF, attractive cabinet tone with considerable multihued iridescence.

From the Gasvoda Collection. Ex Triton XVI (8 January 2013), lot 1619.

Prince George of Denmark was married to Anne, niece of England’s Charles II, on 28 July 1683. The marriage was expected to strengthen England’s alliance with Denmark, a fellow Protestant country that was also friendly with France, to further the general peace. Though entirely arranged by Anne’s uncle, the marriage proved to be successful and enduring, although Anne suffered numerous miscarriages and the couple endured the deaths of three children to illness. Unlike his brother-in-law William III, George was a quiet and sedentary soul who neither sought nor desired a leadership role in English or Danish politics. When Anne became queen of England, Ireland and Scotland in 1702, she alone held the royal title and there was never any question of George becoming king, as had William. By way of compensation, Anne appointed George Lord High Admiral; fortunately this was a largely honorary position as George had no real love or talent for the nautical-military life. This attractive silver medal, designed by Anne’s favored medalist J. Croker, was struck to honor his elevation. The many naval victories won by England during Anne’s reign had little to do with George, who spent most of his time making model ships.