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Important Rarities from the Andrew McCabe Collection

432, Lot: 206. Estimate $100.
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Anonymous. Circa 260 BC. Æ Litra (17mm, 4.80 g, 7h). Rome mint. Helmeted head of Minerva left / Head of bridled horse right; ROMAAIO upward to left. Crawford 17/1a var. (unlished rev. legend); BdC Series II, Group a; Sydenham 3 var. (same); HN Italy 278; cf. RBW 19 (ROMAΛI). Fine, dark green patina, a couple of flan splits. Unpublished legend variety, not in Crawford, RBW, or Vicarella.

From the Andrew McCabe Collection. Ex English Amateur Scholar Collection (via trade), originally purchased by him in September 1984, with his ticket.

The selection of Roman Republican coins from the Andrew McCabe Collection contains many important rarities in both silver and bronze, as well as extensive and original catalogue notes written by the collector. Notable among the rarities in silver are a denarius of Quintus Labienus Parthicus (Obv. A/Rev. 3), the rarest variant of the Pompey Pietas series with mintmark B, a very rare victoriatus of the pentagram series, a rare denarius of M. Aufidius with IVX value mark, an Imperatorial rarity of Plautius Plancus when supporting Octavian, and the mysterious and very rare Sekhmet type of Scipio and Crassus Junior in Africa. The denarius types also include many other high quality types of the second and first centuries. The bronze types include a range of rare and unpublished overstrikes, some in groups for illustrative purposes, and one – an exceedingly rare dolphin triens – that has significance for Punic war monetary history. The first published example of the dolabella triens and a very rare RRC 141 type with wren rather than eagle are among other highlights. The catalogue notes are extensive and include much new research on Republican numismatics that is likely to be the basis of future publications.