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500487. Sold For $225

KINGS of PARTHIA. Mithradates IV. Circa 58-53 BC. AR Drachm (21mm, 3.83 g, 12h). Mithradatkart mint. Struck 58/7-55 BC. Diademed bust left / BAΣIΛEΩΣ MEΓAΛOY above, APΣAKOY to right, EΠIΦANOYΣ ΔIKAIOY in exergue, ΘEOYEYΠATOPOΣ ΦIΛEΛΛHNOΣ to left, Archer (Arsakes I) seated right on throne, holding bow; monogram below bow. Sellwood 40.3; Sunrise 349; Shore 190. EF. broad flan, light scratches in left field.