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496977. Sold For $7500

MACEDON, Amphipolis. 369/8 BC. AR Drachm (15mm, 3.76 g, 5h). Heavy (Chian) standard. Head of Apollo facing slightly right, wearing laurel wreath, drapery around neck / AMΦ-IΠO-ΛIT-EΩN on raised linear square enclosing race torch; all within broad shallow incuse square. Lorber 62c (O8/R6) = SNG Berry 13 (this coin); HGC 3, 417; SNG ANS 79 (same dies); Gulbenkian 406 (same dies). Good VF, toned, traces of find patina, tiny flan flaws on obverse. Rare, only 14 examples noted by Lorber for these heavy drachms.

From the Gasvoda Collection. Ex Gorny & Mosch 240 (10 October 2016), lot 85; Star Collection (LHS 102, 19 April 2008), lot 123; Hess-Leu 28 (5 May 1965), lot 139; Burton Y. Berry Collection, 13. Probably ex Aidhonokhorion Hoard, circa 1936 (IGCH 364).

From the consignor: Most of us will never own this style tetradrachm from Amphipolis. Fortunately, the same design is found on the drachm, as here. The facing head is delicately engraved and the torch rendering on the reverse has an exceptional 3D effect. Although even the drachm is rather scarce, it is within the reach of many budgets.