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502957. Sold For $3450

STUART. Charles I. 1625-1649. AV Unite (34mm, 9.03 g, 10h). Group A, Class II. Tower (London) mint; im: lis. Struck 1625. (lis) CAROLVS : D’ · G’ · MAG’ · BRIT’ · FRA’ · ET : HIB’ · REX, crowned bust 1 left; XX (mark of value) to right / · FLORENT · CONCORDIA · REGNA (lis), crowned coat-of-arms; shield in ornate frame. Schneider, Tower variety 1; Brooker 23 var. (rev. legend; same obv. die); Schneider 114 var. (same); North 2146; SCBC 2685. Good VF, pleasant light toning, a few light marks, slight double strike on obverse.