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506229. Sold For $8750

SICILY, Selinos. Circa 455-409 BC. AR Tetradrachm (26.5mm, 17.23 g, 2h). Artemis, holding reins in both hands, driving quadriga right; beside her, Apollo standing right, drawing bow; [barley grain in exergue] / River god Selinos, nude, standing facing, head left, holding in extended right hand a phiale over lighted altar, cradling in left arm a laurel branch; before altar, cock standing left; to right, selinon leaf above bull standing left on basis; ΣEΛ-INONT-I-ON around. Schwabacher 36 (Q11/S27); Rizzo pl. 33, 1; SNG ANS 700; Kraay & Hirmer 189. EF, even gray toning, obverse die wear. Struck from artistic dies.

Ex Alan J. Harlan Collection; Classical Numismatic Group 78 (14 May 2008), lot 215; Semon Lipcer Collection (CNG inventory 783947, January 2007).