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505705. Sold For $1850

KINGS of ELYMAIS. Phraates. Early-mid 2nd century AD. Æ Tetradrachm (28mm, 14.49 g). pr’’t mlk’/br wrwd mlk’ (Phraates king/son of Orodes king) in Aramaic in two lines to left, diademed bust left, wearing tiara decorated with pellet-in-crescent; to right, pellet-in-crescent above anchor with two crossbars / X and field of parallel dashes. van’t Haaf type 14.7.1-2a = Alram 471 = Le Rider, Suse, pl. LXXIII, 9 = BMC 23 (same obv. die); Sunrise –; VAuctions 331, lot 98 (same obv. die). EF, brown patina. Extremely rare with pellet on obverse, and the finest of three known specimens.