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440, Lot: 343. Estimate $100.

CILICIA, Tarsus. Pseudo-autonomous issue. temp. Hadrian, AD 117-138. Æ (28mm, 11.95 g, 12h). AΔPIANHC TAPCEΩN, head of Hercules right, wearing oak wreath; club over far shoulder / MH-TP-O-ΠOΛEΩC, BOH/ΘOV, Perseus standing left, holding statue of Apollo Lyceius and harpa; to lower left, lion attacking bull. SNG BN 1437-41; SNG Levante 1006 var. (without lion attacking bull); RPC III 3303. Good Fine, rough brown surfaces, harshly cleaned.

From the Ralph DeMarco ‘Perseus’ Collection.

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440, Lot: 343.
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