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CNG 111, Lot: 659. Estimate $2000.

Nero & Drusus Caesar. Died AD 31 and 33, respectively. Æ Dupondius (28.5mm, 15.55 g, 6h). Rome mint. Struck AD 37-38. Nero and Drusus Caesar on horseback riding right, cloaks flying behind them / Legend around large S • C. RIC I 34 (Gaius). EF, wonderful brown patina with patches of green and red, a hint of smoothing in field on obverse. Well struck for issue.

Ex Triton IX (10 January 2006), lot 1389.

Nero and Drusus Caesar were the two elder sons of Germanicus and Agrippina Senior. After the death of Germanicus in AD 19, Tiberius adopted them into his family and made them his heirs, seemingly marking them out for future rule. But the brothers were outmaneuvered by Sejanus, the ambitious Praetorian prefect, who charged them with misconduct and saw to their exile and eventual deaths in AD 31 and 33. This cleared the way for their younger sibling, Gaius ‘Caligula,’ to inherit the throne upon the death of Tiberius; he rehabilitated his brothers’ reputation and struck this coin in their memory, along with coins honoring Germanicus and Agrippina.

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CNG 111, Lot: 659.
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