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Ex Klein Collection

510850. Sold For $1350

THRACE, Abdera. Circa 360-350 BC. AR Tetrobol (15.5mm, 2.53 g, 1h). Molpagores, magistrate. Griffin springing left / Laureate head of Apollo left in linear square; MOΛ-ΠA-ΓO-PHΣ around; all within incuse square. May, Abdera, Period VII, 416 (A288/P337/1); HGC 3, 1221 corr. (some with head left); Klein 80 (this coin). EF, attractively toned, small area of roughness. Well centered.

Ex Hauck & Aufhäuser 18 (6 October 2004), lot 44; Dieter Klein Collection.