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509476. SOLD $525

TUDOR. Henry VII. 1485-1509. AR Groat (25mm, 2.98 g, 5h). Class IIIC. London (Tower) mint; im: pansy. Struck 1495-1498. hЄnRIC’ x DI’ x GRΛ’ x RЄX x AnGL’ x Z x FR’, crowned (crown no. 4) facing bust within tressure of arches with lis at cusps; normal pansy / POSVI DЄV x Λ DIVTO Є’ x mЄV/CIVI TAS LOn DOn, long cross fourchée (cross-ends no. 7); triple pellets in quarters; normal pansy. SCBI 23 (Ashmolean), 313–5; North 1705c; SCBC 2199. Good VF, toned, peripheral weakness.

Ex Ray Inder Collection.